Weapon Systems Engineering
Penta Research, using its own analysis tool suite and Government approved models, has defined unique and methodical analysis processes to provide high quality technical analysis products for our customers.
Radar Analysis & Engineering
Penta Research staff includes personnel which are subject matter experts on a wide spectrum of MDA BMDS Radar systems. Penta’s capabilities include the ability to evaluate radar performance against requirements in Flight Tests, Ground Tests and Wargames and Exercise.
Missile Systems Engineering
Penta Research missile engineers and analysts design, model and analyze a variety of Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMDS), and Army missile systems. Penta is known for its ability to quickly model new missile constructs or newly-enhanced missile systems...
Modeling & Simulation
Our experienced staff has developed models and simulations to perform concept development trade studies, and evolve those models to support flight test, major system milestones and modeling and simulation accreditation activities.
Test & Evaluation
Penta Research has extensive experience developing the flight and ground test matrices and scenarios for Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) elements. Penta's methodology utilizes a functional approach for determining test requirements, and an optimization technique...
Training Aids & Devices
Penta Research is focused on the program support, software development, modeling and simulations, and development of training devices. We develop training device requirements, manage training aid development, and oversee the build/development of training devices that are used for...